Erica Mena says she would not take something again after commenting on home violence whereas responding to Wendy Williams

Erica Mena says she has no regrets or takes back anything she said about Wendy Williams regarding a domestic violence comment.

Erica Mena won’t let up on Wendy Williams after the talk show host made some comments on the reality star’s marriage after Erica’s pregnancy announcement was made.

Erica tweeted to and about Wendy Williams for two days after Wendy offered unsolicited advice to Erica and her husband Safaree Samuels during Wendy’s Hot Topics segment.

Wendy congratulated Erica and Safaree on their second child together before reading the couple for their past marital problems.

“I don’t really know you, Erica, but I know Safaree enough“Said Wendy.”And you all need to stop fighting so hard and threatening divorce. And you all have to grow up and become parents, and if you don’t want to be married then just get divorced and co-parents. Babies don’t save marriages, but good luck with at least your first six months. “

Wendy’s words clearly pressed ALL of Erica’s buttons and caused her to fire a tweet related to domestic violence.

“@WendyWilliams at this point let’s connect so I can hit your a **,” she wrote. “Your ex-husband didn’t work well enough.”

Erica’s comment did not go down well with people on social media as it was urged to address domestic violence, but it’s clear that Erica doesn’t regret what she said, which she made clear in a series of tweets that she did on Friday.

“I have no regrets or take anything back. Nobody will constantly disregard me and limit my disrespect, ”Erica tweeted. See her full message below:

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