Erica Mena reveals off her physique in a bikini after being pregnant together with a jab of followers pondering it is for husband Safaree

Erica Mena seems to be getting through these days with her estranged husband Safaree despite all the recent dramas.

Just a week after telling fans that her newborn son was in neonatal intensive care while Safaree allegedly cheated and partied, Erica shows people on her Instagram that she is fine.

The former video vixen posted her snapback body in a skimpy bikini after pregnancy, flaunting her curves and hugging her stretch marks.

The sexy image was accompanied by a cryptic message that fans will surely believe is aimed at Safaree, who continues to be drawn to social media for his treatment of Erica.

She wrote: “Fiddling with your bag doesn’t always mean money. You also fiddle with valuable people. “

While Erica had garnered a lot of sympathy over the past few weeks, things certainly took a turn when a wild rumor surfaced that Erica was alleged to have molested her ex Can Santana online from a fake site. The page in question was later changed to the name of Erica’s son, creating the link between the fake account and Erica.

Can recently addressed the allegation on a radio broadcast. You can watch below:

At this point, public opinion wavered again against Erica, with fans not too happy with her alleged behavior.

“GIrlgo apologizes to Cynic. Because it is clear that there was fiddled with the ban, ”wrote a roommate.

“We still want to know why you created this fake site to talk shit? We don’t forget boo. Please explain? “Asked another.

Regardless of what goes on, let’s just hope Erica and Safaree find a better place for their babies. We’ll keep you up to date.

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