Eliza Reign calls DaniLeigh a ‘Pickmesha’ after releasing her

DaniLeigh was trending on Twitter all day after dropping her song “Yellow Bone” which upset some people. We reported that a mother of DaBaby’s children, MeMe, made comments, but she wasn’t the only one. Eliza Reign, the mother of one of Future’s daughters, took to Instagram to reply to Dani, whom she called “PickMesha”.

Eliza wrote in her Instagram story: “Pickmesha could have kept this Lil song. I’m not trying to talk about every Lil thing I see on the net, but seriously, it’s enough split with blacks as it is. It’s 2021. Why are people with platforms here telling their fans that they prefer the skin tone? “

She continued, “Certain things are expected of male rappers, but I’m shocked that a woman is still doing this in 2021. In all honesty, anyone who’s been in America more than 2 hours more should know that this is a touchy subject, but then again, we shouldn’t expect a person who isn’t even black (Redbone ore chocolate) to understand how offensive it is is. Redbones are brighter black women, by the way, not Spanish, but rather descend from Mommy. “

Eliza even came reluctantly for DaBaby. She wrote, “And when you meet with a dark-skinned man and dark-skinned children from mothers, it makes sense. There are so many things to show off about. “Eliza said if she wants her because of the color of her skin, she doesn’t want him. Eliza put an end to her ranting by showing a CD emoji in the trash can.

Several roommates agreed to Eliza. One commented: “Dani dear, you should have just kept that in your designs, dear.” Premadonna stepped into the shadow room and commented, “Oh my god, Eliza turned the mood down because baby, you just wiped the girlzz.”

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