Ed Westwick brings Gossip Woman’s Chuck Bass to life for TikTok debut

Dotted: Chuck Bass in the flesh. Right, Upper East Siders, New York’s biggest party animal, is back in town.

Nine years after Gossip Girl ended on The CW, Mr. Bass returned to the small screen … on TikTok.

actor Ed Westwick revived his soft-spoken bad boy character on Monday February 8th when he made his TikTok debut.

The 33-year-old Brit appeared for the first time in a leather Sherpa jacket and challenged fans by saying, “Tell me you’ve seen Gossip Girl without telling me you’ve seen Gossip Girl. I’ll start at.”

Then he cut off a clip of himself wearing Chuck’s signature business man suit with a purple tie, dark blue suit vest, and white shirt. “I’m Chuck Bass,” he practically whispered in that perfect Chuck Bass voice with no smile in sight.

Fans commented, “The hottest video I’ve ever seen” and “I’m mentally in love with Chuck Bass.” One quoted the most famous line in the series and said: “3 WORDS 8 LETTERS, SAY IT AND IN YOURS.”

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