Dream Doll applauds critics for rappers named “Doll”

Dream doll

In the famous words of former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield, “Who’s going to check me out, boo ?!” Dream Doll had time today to reach out to some critics online who have dealt with some rappers with “Doll” in their name. The conversation about “Doll” seemed to happen after Asian Doll finally announced which rappers would be remixed to ‘Nunnadet shit after teasing it for a week. Asian announced three days ago on the Gramm that Dream Doll, Dreezy, Rubi Rose and British rapper Ivorian Doll would be on the track. However, some people had something to say about it right away.

One roommate commented, “Sheeeesh. How many “dolls” are there? ” Dream Doll had time today and responded to the topic of “doll” on Twitter. “There are crazy male artists with“ Lil ”in their name, but you all push for“ doll ”in the female name. Ion gets it to support the female unit or to suffocate on a Glizzy. ” Dream said nothing but facts! There are several rappers in the game who have lil before their names. We have Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Lil Baby and the list goes on.

Here, too, the roommates agreed with her. One praised the rapper for the unity of the “dolls” and wrote: “At least the dolls work together”. When it comes to unity The dream was very much shaped by this energy. She was just bouncing on Erica Banks’ remix of “Toot That” with Beat King and calling several female rappers on her single “Tryouts”.

Roommate, are you going to watch the remix of ‘Nunnadet S ** t’ tomorrow?

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