Donald Trump Jr. loses it, claiming the left banned the muppets

Donald Trump Jr. is fighting with his father, who is no longer in the White House as his mental decline continued with claims that the left banned the Muppets.


Please tell me this is fake news, @KermitTheFrog

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar), February 26, 2021

Trump Jr. has revived Hunter Biden’s conspiracy theory, claiming that Biden is now bombing the Middle East while forgetting that his father bombed Syria and attacked Iran. Don Jr. railed against Liz Cheney.

Here’s the full speech:

Donald Trump Jr. blamed the Republican Party for all his father’s defeats and crowned it with the claim that the “radical left” banned the Muppets and took the Mr. from Mr. Potato Head.

The muppets are not forbidden.

Trump’s son was increasingly troubled when he attacked teachers in an online video while posing with guns, claiming the Texas winter storm disaster was the fault of the Democratic governors.

There is clearly something wrong with Donald Trump other than maddening that his father is a one-time loser to the president. CPAC has always been the hangout for conservative extremists, but now it has added a lot of mob mentality and Trump cultism to its mix.

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