DJ Mustard beats up his private purchaser for allegedly stealing his bank cards for over $ 50,000 in private bills

Roommate, DJ Mustard has spilled all the dirty deeds related to a suspected theft between himself and his personal buyer. He accused Karissa Walker (@karissacwalker on Instagram) of allegedly using up his credit card for over $ 50,000.

In a number of Instagram story posts, DJ Mustard wrote a few paragraphs addressing the situation. He first said that he wanted to “make everyone aware of something”. Then he tagged Karissa and made it clear that she had never worked as his stylist. Instead, Karissa worked as a personal shopper for him and his wife, Chanel McFarlane. According to DJ Mustard, the couple only allowed Karissa to use the word stylist to secure her clients and business.

“Today I found out that she had ramped up my credit cards over 50,000 times to buy things for herself !!!! Purses shoes sunglasses and other things [I’m] hot and [I’m] just write this so that no one deals with her for whom she is bad [business] !!!! I have all the receipts to prove everything… ”wrote DJ Mustard.

The producer, DJ, and triple threat artist also shared that Karissa raised a cool $ 6,000 a month for her role, bringing the total to $ 72,000 a year. He expressed that he “paid her more than she was worth” because he did not “play with taking care of people who do that” [their] Job.”

He went on to say that the situation was “crazy and just wrong”. DJ Mustard also posted a screenshot of an alleged string of text between him and Karissa, beginning with him sending a picture of a receipt totaling $ 2,611.58. The person answering, allegedly Karissa, asks for a phone call in response and makes it clear that “no one else is involved in their“ wrong actions ”. DJ Mustard then says, “You really used up my card, you are really crazy.”

“So Srry”, Karissa allegedly writes in a text. “Really, I’m so srry. Should never have got this far. My temptation ran in greed and I am so Srry … “, she continued in a second text.

DJ Mustard followed the post and screenshot with two additional posts dealing with the money spent.

“I said 50,000, but we’re still waiting for more receipts. She took on 15,000 in LV alone,” he wrote in a post.

DJ Mustard said the total could be well in excess of $ 100,000 and that the alleged crime can be found all over the place on “Instagram Likes”.

Roommate, what would you do in this situation?

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