Deyjah Harris explains why she selected to not do the Buss It Problem

Deyjah Harris states that she will not do the Buss It Challenge after previous statements are made about her.

We all know that social media is filled with numerous challenges that people love to participate in. One of the most popular challenges right now is the #BussItChallenge, which includes the song “Buss It” by Dallas rapper Erica Banks.

Recently, TI’s daughter Deyjah Harris was answering some questions from fans when someone said, “You should do the bus it challenges.”

Deyjah then explained that she thought about the challenge, but then explained why she wouldn’t.

She said, “I told my mom I would do it, but (without the twerking and all that) and she said, ‘Yeah, this is going to be super cute. ‘“But I already know what some of the comments will already say (not all of us). I just don’t have time to explain myself or say the same thing over and over … so I’ll just put this challenge out. You will definitely kill it though. “

Deyjah continued to give an example of some suspected comments, saying, “Oh yeah, she’s definitely fucking now, hymencheck, her pops are making the appointment (at the moment), she’s no longer a virgin, etc.” All that stupid shit. “

As many of you know, TI 2109 made headlines after posting comments on a podcast about traveling to the gynecologist with Deyjah to make sure she was still a virgin. However, they have since gotten past the point and are now in a good place.

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