Derek Chauvin’s legal professional claims George Floyd died of a drug overdose and chronic well being issues

#Roommates, it’s been almost a full year since George Floyd was tragically murdered by Derek Chauvin in front of a crowd in Minneapolis – and now Chauvin’s murder trial is officially ongoing. During the opening speech, Derek Chauvin’s attorney made the bold claim that George Floyd did not die from Chauvin’s knee in the neck for more than eight minutes, but died from drugs and persistent health conditions.

@CBSNews reports that Eric Nelson, the attorney representing Derek Chauvin in his murder trial for the death of George Floyd, used a significant portion of his opening address to detail what he believed led to Floyd’s death last May . “The evidence will show that Floyd died of arrhythmias, high blood pressure and coronary disease, and that the drugs he was taking and the adrenaline in his body all contributed to further jeopardizing an already weakened heart,” said Nelson.

Nelson went on to add that based on the medical examiner’s results, there was no sign of suffocation and no evidence that Floyd’s airflow was restricted. Nelson went on to elaborate on Floyd’s drug use, stating that the evidence in the case shows that shortly before his encounter with police in Minneapolis, he used drugs and put extra drugs in his mouth when approached by officers.

He later said the crime scene inspection found two partially dissolved pills in the patrol car, which were determined to be fentanyl and methamphetamine – which had Floyd’s DNA on.

Shortly before the trial officially began, George Floyd’s family, attorney Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton were outside the courthouse for a press conference at which Sharpton said “the world is watching” as the much anticipated trial finally began.

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