DC Younger Fly Delivers Highly effective Prayer On Jacky Oh’s Birthday

This week, DC Young Fly, family, and friends gathered to celebrate Jacky Oh. The occasion marked Jacky’s heavenly 33rd birthday — and the first since her passing earlier this year.

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In clips posted to social media, Jacky’s loved ones gathered for a “pre-birthday celebration” completed with pink, white, and gold decor. Pink, especially, was a favorite color of the late mother and TV personality. The gathering space was covered in balloons, signage, and a pink and gold cake with huge “34” candles.

DC YoungFly Admits Some Days Are Still “Heavy” w/o Jacky Oh

While standing over the cake, DC Young Fly took a moment to share a powerful prayer with everyone. He spoke about Jacky Oh, their children, and continuing to move forward after his lady’s death.

Here’s an excerpt of his prayer:

“Dear Heavenly Father, we come together humbly. We just want to say we’re thankful, and we’re grateful, Father. We’re thankful for Jacklyn’s life, heavenly Father, and we’re going to continue to just lift her up, heavenly Father. And we pray, Heavenly Father, that you just continue to guide everybody in this circle, Heavenly Father. Grant us the strength, the motivation to continue to just love each other, Heavenly Father. And to continue to just do your will and walk in our purpose, Heavenly Father. We just pray, Heavenly Father, that you grant us the strength, the guidance, the motivation, the inspiration, the tools, the mindset to just continue to be uplifted, Heavenly Father. Have great joy, have great spirit, Heavenly Father. Remove any negative energy, remove any doubtful thoughts. Remove any unrighteouness. And we pray that you continue to just keep me and my loved ones healthy, safe and protected. And we know that Jacquelyn is safe, Heavenly Father.”

The crowded room cheered on DC’s prayer, even adding to his words. Everyone seemed especially touched when DC Young Fly mentioned Jacky Oh’s safety in God’s arms.

As the prayer continued, the comedian admitted that his days get “heavy sometimes.” Faced with those moments, he asked God for continued strength and guidance.

See more of what DC Young Fly said below.


The birthday celebration included a pop-up shop featuring cosmetic products from Jacky Oh’s JNova brand. In one video, her friends confirmed that all the proceeds would be donated to Jacky’s children.

Life After Jacky Oh’s Death

As previously reported, DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh share three children — Nova, Nala, and Prince’Nehemiah — all under 10. The former couple reportedly met in 2015 during her time on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out.”

Jacky Oh passed on May 31. In June, DC Young Fly admitted to crying “all the time” about her death but emphasized his desire to “show positivity.”

About two months into her passing, DC Young Fly celebrated Nala and Prince’s birthday. In a photograph of the set-up, DC reportedly wrote, “Wish you were here” about his late girlfriend.

Despite speculations that Jacky Oh died from plastic surgery complications, a medical examiner ruled her death “accidental” earlier this month. Reports say Jacky admitted to feeling like her head was “burning” on the night she died before passing out. The autopsy revealed “swelling in her brain and excessive bleeding of the skin around her torso.” 

Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, will not face criminal charges.

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Happy Heavenly 33rd Birthday, Jacky Oh! 

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