DaniLeigh agrees with a fan that she and DaBaby are the “hardest couple within the recreation.”


Roommate, DaniLeigh and DaBaby have practically dominated the celebrity gossip world since they decided to officially revive their romance. For all the criticism their relationship tends to receive, they also get their fair share of love – and DaniLeigh definitely approved of the love she got from a fan who gave her and DaBaby a new relationship title.

Whether you’re a fan of them together or not, there’s no denying that DaniLeigh and DaBaby always know how to get people to talk – and they don’t seem to slow down showing their romance as soon as possible.

So it makes sense that when DaniLeigh came across a fan post about her relationship with DaBaby, not only reposted it, but added her own comment.

DaniLeigh posted a fan post on her Instagram stories with a picture of her and DaBaby with the headline “The toughest couple in the RN game”. She then added, “We’re so good,” complete with a heart and eye emoji.

As we previously reported, DaBaby recently posted the video for his new song “Masterpiece” and DaniLeigh is in the foreground as his leading actress. Not only does she appear prominently in the video, DaBaby also dedicates a few bars to her in the song.

In the meantime, DaBaby is also preparing for Megan Thee Stallion to drop the video for their collaboration “Cry Baby”.

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