Daniel Dae-Kim condemns the rise in anti-Asian hatred within the embassy to Congress

At a Congressional hearing on March 18, Hawaii Five-0 and The Divergent Series: Insurgent Star Daniel Dae-Kim spoke about anti-Asian violence, which was a major topic of conversation following the Atlanta Spa murders earlier this week that killed eight people, six of whom were Asian women.

He opened his statement by speaking on the rise in hate crimes against Asians as well as the serious economic inequality that has plagued the community.

“We Asian-Americans came to this country because we believe in the American Dream. Many of us made it. And some of us are even on the front lines in the healthcare sector, depending on everyone we depend on during this terrible pandemic . But a lot of us have problems too, “he said. In fact, the wealth gap between the richest and poorest Asian Americans is the largest of any ethnic group in America. In New York, Asian Americans have a higher poverty rate than any other minority. One in four lives below the poverty line. And poverty rates are among Asian American seniors well above the national average. This has to be taken into account when we watch the most vulnerable people being ridiculed, pushed on, slashed, and despite this vast inequality of experience, we continue to be referred to as a model minority. We just can’t deal with the myth continue that the most successful represent the whole of us. ”

The star, who previously discussed a hate crime law at a congressional hearing in September, criticized Captain Jay Baker the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office for testifying that the suspect, Robert Aaron Longhad a “really bad day” on the day of the murders. Baker also claimed that the attacks were not racially motivated, but related to Long’s alleged sexual temptation.

Dae-Kim said, “I’m going to tell you to start thinking about going home, having a beer, and watching a movie with my family when I have a bad day. I don’t think about it. to go out and murder eight people. And it says a lot about this person that when he says he is trying to remove temptation from his life instead of seeking help for himself, his temptation is to kill people, take a gun and shoot people. “

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