Dan Levy reacts hilariously to Fan who claims his father Eugene has died

A Schitt’s Creek fan is “so embarrassed” after mistakenly tweeting this beloved actor Eugene Levy –Who plays Rose Family patriarch Johnny – had passed away.

The viewer wrote: “Eugene Levy was such a gift. It is so sad to see that he is no longer here.”

Twitter users immediately responded to the post with a joke: “@danjlevy you might want to sit down for this.”

Eugene’s son and co-star, And LevyQuickly set the record on the fake claims and write: “News to me”.

The social media user deleted the original tweet and apologized directly to Dan for the faux pas. “@danjlevy I’m so sorry! I thought he passed away last year,” the fan wrote. “Last year everything was so blurry. I’m glad to know he’s fine. I’m so embarrassed. ”

A second tweet continued, “Sorry, I seriously thought it was over. Glad I’m wrong. I sat here and watched the show super sadly.” Dan has yet to reply to her apology note.

A Twitter user suggested that the fake tweet likely caused Dan a “minor heart attack,” which prompted the original poster to say, “I feel awful” about the “honest mistake”.

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