DaBabys Child Mama Subs him after his final PDA with DaniLeigh: “I do not publish him, I am with him in actual life”

DaBaby and DaniLeigh are continuing their campaign to become your next favorite baewatch, much to the chagrin of his children’s mother, Meme.

Since the couple went public with their love on the weekend, a lot of people have had something to say, including memes.

DaBaby has been with Meme for as long as he is there. When we’re real, she always seems to be there, even after some of his rumored and short-lived relationships.

Records show that DaBaby may share a house with Meme in his home state of North Carolina. We reported back in October that authorities had received numerous noise complaints from neighbors at DaBaby’s North Carolina property, some of which stemmed from disputes with Meme.

Fast forward to this past week and DaBaby is now very loving and under his new lady DaniLeigh. This love triangle is actually a well-known one.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby had previously been connected, but after DaBaby appeared trapped between her and his children’s mother. After making up with Meme, DaniLeigh dived in and declared her single status.

But now that they fully acknowledge their relationship, Meme is making noise.

After the couple went public on Friday, Meme popped up shortly thereafter with a selfie of her and baby on the Gram, pointing out that the picture was taken not long ago.

Then she recently threw sub at DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s most recent PDA all over the gram:

“I’m NOT posting him, I’m with him in real life,” read a message that Meme shared on her Instagram story.

Only time will tell if DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s second round lasts longer than the first … if Meme has something to say about it. We’ll keep you up to date.

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