Columbus, Ohio Police launched the footage from the physique digital camera

As the world continues to be outraged by Ma’Khia Bryant’s death, new information has become available. Just hours after her death, Columbus Police released the graphic video of the incident that led to her death. Interim chief Michael Woods said an unknown caller contacted 911 about women trying to stab her, according to reports from WBNS 10. While on the call, the dispatcher attempted to obtain more information, but was unable to receive the required information until the call was disconnected.

The graphical body camera footage was released by the police who arrived on site. In the video, the teenager appears to be trying to stab two people with a knife before the officer yells “Down” several times and then fires his weapon at least four times. After gunfire rang out, Chief Woods said officers immediately checked them for injuries, called a paramedic, and started CPR per department. During this time, people in the area started yelling and shouting. You hear a man on the scene saying, “She’s a bloody kid, man.” One of the local officials claimed the teenager came up to him with a knife. Although the teenager was away from officers at the time of the shooting.

Paula, the mother of Ma’Khia, broke her silence by speaking to WBNS about how she wanted her daughter to be remembered. “Ma’Khia was named after a male win in the Bible. She was a very loving, peaceful little girl, ”she said. “She was 16 years old. She was a student on the honor roll. Ma’Khia had a motherly nature about her. She promoted peace. I always want to be reminded of that. “

Celebrities like The Game, Kehlani, Masika Kalysha, Bernice King and Niecy Nash spoke out after the news of their death. Roommate, let us continue to keep Ma’Khia’s family in our thoughts and prayers.

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