Clare Crawley removes breast implants and is being trustworthy about her restoration

Former Bachelorette Star Clare Crawley is ready to live her best life without breast implants.

But first, the reality star reveals the reality of the recovery process – the good, the bad, and the graphics.

The 40-year-old recently underwent explant surgery after announcing plans to have her breast implants removed for health reasons earlier this month. On Saturday, July 31st, two days after her surgery, Clare shared a selfie video of herself on her Instagram story wearing an ace wrap around a sports bra to reduce swelling, with partially filled ones surgical drains.

The silicone tubes and containers are used temporarily after implant removal and other breast plastic surgery to remove blood and other fluids from surgical sites and can help speed recovery.

“I still feel great,” wrote Clare. “No painkillers. And best of all … no more itchy rashes! I’ve had them every now and then for 5 years … my skin feels amazing!” [crying emoji] #proper reasons for doing this “

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