Ciara is “proud” of 39 kilos of weight reduction a 12 months after giving delivery

This is not the first time the “Goodies” singer has revealed her health plans to her fans.

In October Ciara celebrated her 35th birthday with a message about her weight loss goals after giving birth and wrote on Instagram: “35 & ​​35 pounds more … and I feel good! I love the process and the progress!”

“35 years feels great! To feel my youngest with a heart full of gratitude,” she said in another Instagram post. “A mind and soul full of wisdom. When I was younger I never thought I would say this at that age, but ladies, we really get better with time. We take every step, every day, every one Year. #Birthday. “

Two months earlier, the musician announced that she was on a mission to get back in shape.

“48lbs to go! Start the schedule tomorrow !!” she wrote in August, just a month after greeting Baby Win. “Ps don’t know how easy it will be to think about 3 babies now! I’m going to work really hard on it! Let’s go see mom.”

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