Celebrities whose names you mispronounced

As Child of destiny Once you’ve sung, you’d better say “my name”.

For a handful of celebrities, the chart song couldn’t be truer. A-listener like Chrissy Teigen, Gal Gadot, Ralph Fiennes, Ariana Grande (Yes, really!) And many others have looked at people who mispronounced their names.

In 2018, the Cravings cookbook author dropped her jaws when she revealed the correct way to say dough – which should be pronounced like tie-ghen rather than tea-ghen.

“It’s been 25 years. I’m tired of correcting people and I never correct people,” she said during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “You know, I’m very open on Twitter and I love correcting people there, but so far … if someone does something wrong or calls me the wrong name, you can call me anything. I’ll answer that.”

Another star whose name people misunderstand? Charlize Theron. Despite being a household name, the Hollywood star admitted that her last name is almost always mispronounced.

“You screw it up,” said the bombshell actress Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show in 2014. “I almost want to do a tape recording of how to pronounce my name.”

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