Carey Mulligan’s epic pull failure contains Taylor Swift Music

Oops! This is a Christmas disaster Carey Mulligan will never be forgotten.

During her guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 35-year-old actress remembered an embarrassing moment when she tried to deliver a suitcase full of gifts.

The story starts well with Mulligan waiting for a train. “It was one of those kid-free moments where I had a latte and I was listening to music and I was listening Taylor Swiftand I thought, “It’s the bloody season,” Mulligan, his husband Marcus Mumford worked with Swift on the increasingly popular track “Cowboy Like Me”. “And I was so in my little zone.”

However, things quickly took a turn. “Like a very conscientious person, I realized that I should remediate – because of COVID,” she noted. “And so I kind of reached into my pocket to get the disinfectant. And when I disinfected my hand, I saw that kind of movement out of the corner of my eye. And then [I] With the music still booming, turned to see my suitcase in the middle of the train tracks, and it had somehow rolled on. ”

Not only had she lost her case, but also her EarPods. “And my coffee was down there too,” added Mulligan. “Because in my panic I kind of tossed my coffee.”

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