Cardi B pays remaining respects till 2020 within the music video for the brand new track “Up”

Cardi B. really knows how to follow a monster hit.

The 28-year-old rapper released her first 2021 music video with her new song “Up” on Friday, February 5th at midnight ET. The video below appropriately starts with Cardi in a cemetery to bid farewell to 2020 while wearing what is perhaps the sexiest funereal outfit ever.

To celebrate the release, the star posted some nostalgic shots from the video on Instagram and tagged them with a memorable line from the song. “Bitches want smoke until I take him to the doorstep!” She wrote. “Tell that bitch back, back, horse-ex breath smell!”

Offset Turned out to be a pretty proud husband when he posted a clip on his own Instagram titled, “UP OUT NOW !!!!! You’re so amazing, so creative and beautiful. You put in a lot of work that no one sees me Prada am you !!! ” He added three heart-eye emojis.

During a Q&A on YouTube streamed right before the video debuted, Cardi B explained this director Tanu Muino filmed it over a two day shoot in December. The Grammy winner told fans that with this song her goal was to do something other than “WAP,” featuring her single “Smash 2020” Megan Thee stallion It was one of the most discussed and popular songs of the year.

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