Canine the Bounty Hunter marries Francie Frane amid household unrest

Dog the bounty hunter is a married man again.

The 68-year-old reality star was born on Thursday, September 2 Duane Chapman, marry France Frane. The vows come more than two years after his wife’s death, Beth Chapman– and more recently a number of family dramas.

“Francie and I are thrilled to be husband and wife,” Dog tells E! News in a statement. “We appreciate all prayers and good wishes.”

In August Dog’s Daughters Cecily and Bonnie Chapman told TMZ that they weren’t invited to the wedding. Bonnie later went to Facebook to further explain her ongoing feud with Dog by leading an argument over her decision to participate in protests against Black Lives Matter and accusing her father of racism.

“Bonnie’s allegations are false and a misguided attempt to derail our wedding,” the reality star’s rep said in a statement to E! News. Dog later said, “Despite the sadness we feel about this rift in our family, Francie and I look forward to celebrating our wedding with the rest of our family and close friends next week.”

Francie also responded to his daughter’s allegations and said in a joint interview on Entertainment Tonight: “As hard as it is and as heartbreaking as it is, we had to make a decision that was very difficult for us.”

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