Biden Demolishes Republican Lies About Ukraine Help In Entrance Of The World

At a joint press conference with President Zelenskyy, President Biden took apart the lies Republicans are using to oppose Ukraine aid.

Biden was asked what is the strategy for the US in Ukraine, and he answered:

Let’s put this in perspective. Remember how far Ukraine has come? Russia has failed, failed thus far in trying to erase Ukraine from the map and subsume it into Russia. Ukraine has taken back more than 50% of its territory seized since February of 22 and it’s pushed back Russian, the Russian Navy. So Ukraine can export grain and steel to the world through the Black Sea.

And thanks to the incredible courage of the Ukrainian people and the bipartisan support from our Congress, but it’s not just American support. There are more than 50 countries, 50 countries helping Ukraine with military, economic, and humanitarian assistance. On the burden sharing, the US has put up $75 billion and our allies and partners have put up $100 billion and more than 90% of our security assistance to Ukraine is being spent in the United States to provide weapons for Ukraine and replenish our stockpiles and build our industrial base. We need to ensure Putin continues to fail in Ukraine.


Biden debunks GOP lies about Ukraine, “There are more than 50 countries helping Ukraine with assistance. The US has put up $75 billion. Our allies have put up $100 billion. And more than 90% is being spent in the US to provide weapons for Ukraine and replenish our stockpiles ”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 12, 2023

When a Republican says that others need to do their fair share to support Ukraine, they are lying. Other allies are already spending more money than the US. When Republicans suggest that the US is giving money to Ukraine, that is another lie. 90% of the money that is appropriated for security assistance for Ukraine is being spent in the United States.

The world is watching to see if the most important democracy on the globe is going to step up and help Ukraine protect their democracy.

Republicans who oppose Ukraine aid are not being honest with the American people.

Not only is their opposition helping dictator Putin destroy a democracy, they are also weakening and harming the United States.

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