Bhad Bhabie requires the closure of the Utah facility for troubled youth, claiming it was “abused” and “malnourished” after Dr. Phil had despatched her there

Roommate, Bhad Bhabie, calls for a treatment center to be closed in Utah because of abuse and malnutrition as a child. Another teenage girl recently spoke about the facility claiming she was sexually assaulted and it looks like Bhabie has had enough.

In an Instagram post, Bhad Bhabie reveals that Dr. Phil sent her to the Turn-About Ranch Treatment Facility after she “caught me outside” on his show. She further describes the conditions in which she had to live and claims that a murder took place even while she was there.

“Turn-about-ranch treatment facility fined this young lady Hannah for reporting that one of their employees assaulted her,” Bhabie wrote. “Remember, if you are on this program, you will NOT be able to have contact with your parents or use a phone. This girl could not call the police if she tried.”

“There was a murder in this facility, reports of torture, and now a report of sexual abuse, and Dr. Phil continues to send concerned children here even after he knew this stuff happened at this facility. That gets my blood boiling. I was malnourished, abused and had to work hard and be there while someone was being murdered, ”she claimed.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the young lady, Hannah Archulta, alleged that a ranch employee grabbed her bum and vaginal area during her stay, and after reporting the employee, she “had to spend extra time picking up horse manure. ”

According to the ranch’s website, it is a rehabilitation facility for teens in difficulty who are working to overcome emotional and behavioral problems such as depression and poor academic performance.

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