B. Slade Says “However You Did not Name Me” In Response To Briana Fontenot’s Claims That Kanye Allegedly Sampled Her Make Me Over Audio (Replace)

On Sunday, Briana Fontenot took to social media to target a clip of Kanye’s song “Lord I Need You” from his album “Donda”. She claimed that Kanye allegedly used her audio from a 2004 rendition of B. Slade’s gospel song “Make Me Over”.

In a tagged post on Instagram, she wrote: “Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the #Donda album. However, I was not aware of this beforehand. It would be nice to know before the album came out smh /// Who does this voice sound like to all of you? #donda ”

In response, B. Slade responded to their claims. He tweeted, “But you didn’t call me to delete your version of the sampled song even though you were discovered by playing back a song that I wrote 100% … so Kanye didn’t steal anything, because he has rightly become the rightful owner of the song. Let’s all be clear here.

He continued, “This is how people are trying to take me off the equation for me.” It appears that both claims have met with mixed opinions. One commentator said, “This is not a church as it is?” Another added, “I mean … I understand, but that’s still her voice.”

Another person added, “Well, would you see that?[?]Another commenter said, “Sister wants credit for a cover she made of someone else’s song that she didn’t” clean “herself * slaps on her knee *”

Since the release of ‘Donda’, it has been received with excitement and lots of comment from those who thought it should have been on the album, including Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Chris Brown recorded his IG stories and said, “Kanye a full h * e.” He also added, “No, he’s tweaking.”

Soulja Boy went on Twitter and posted alleged text messages while she also tweeted, “Idk how you feel, Kanye sent me this song ‘Remote Control’ and I don’t listen to my verse on it. Hmm, fuck the n * gga, “tweeted Soulja. “That n * gga Kanye smh. Say homie don’t press my phone anymore. “

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