Ariana Richards from “Jurassic Park” reenacts a Inexperienced Jello scene

Life finds a way… to make us feel old.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the film Jurassic Park actress Ariana Richards recreated this iconic scene with green jelly. You know the scene we’re talking about where her character Lex is holding a violently wobbling spoonful of jelly and her eyes slowly widen with fear as she watches the dinosaur get closer.

Ariana, now 43, recreated the iconic moment alongside her 13-year-old self in a TikTok for the Jurassic World account. The video, released on the film’s original release date of June 11, 1993, was captioned, “A duet that’s been in the making for 30 years.”

Over the years, Ariana has looked back on her time escaping dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. She even recalled auditioning for the role of Lex — which she reportedly won Christina Ricci– and has explained why director Steven Spielberg In the end, she gave her the role.

“I was called into a casting office and they just wanted me to scream,” Ariana recalled for Entertainment Weekly in 2013. “I later heard that Steven had seen some girls on video that day and I was the only one who woke his sleeping wife off the couch and ran her down the hall to see if the kids were okay.”

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