Ari Fletcher is setting the document proper now after followers assumed she forged JT Of The Metropolis Ladies shadow after Smug Tae did her hair

Ari Fletcher

Roommate, Ari Fletcher is no stranger to being in the middle of celebrity beef … and her most recent incident surrounds JT of the City Girls. After famous hairdresser Arrogant Tae posted photos of JT’s hair that he had styled, Ari left a comment under the photo, which many found an extreme shadow – but she just cleared up the rumors.

While there are a ton of celebrity hairdressers out there, many of the new school’s social media influencers, IG models, and rappers use the same small circle of which Arrogant Tae is the ring’s leader. Ari Fletcher has been known in the past for being quite territorial when it comes to Tae doing other people’s hair besides hers – which is why her recent Instagram comment rubbed many wrong.

After Tae posted the photos of JT’s hair that he recently killed, Ari commented below the photo, “I wish you had put so much energy into my hair for my big day.”

It didn’t take long for the comment to go viral, causing Ari to hop on Twitter, clearing the air, claiming she didn’t delete it after the backlash:

“I didn’t delete s ** t Tae from my son because he didn’t want to see you doing a ** dirty. I try to share and conquer myself and my b ** ch JT. You will go to hell. “

In the meantime, JT has never commented publicly on the whole drama, and since it seems like everything is going well between her and Ari, she may not have to.

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