Ari Fletcher, G Herbo & Taina Make a Massive Household at Yosohn’s third Birthday Bash (Video)

The son of Ari Fletcher and G Herbo, Yosohn, shot the big 3 and his parents spared no expense for his birthday party on the topic of “Notorious 3”!

The party took place in Atlanta, where shades of blue hung everywhere in the Notorious BIG-inspired feature.

You probably picked the BIG theme because of Yosohn’s nickname being “Papa”. The theme of the party also required everyone to dress in 90s clothes.

Ari, Herb and Yosohn rocked the matching blue Coogi fits, a brand Biggie was notorious for wearing.

Inside the party, special magazine-style posters featuring Yosohn and his parents covered the walls.

Ari and G Herbo even had an entire bodega rebuilt fully stocked with the types of goodies and products you would find at your local bodega.

Ari stayed on the mark and also had bespoke snacks with Yosohn’s face in the bodega.

Also in attendance was G Herbo’s pregnant friend Taina Williams. Taina and Ari were spotted flicking it up at the party.

The moment was videotaped and fans couldn’t help but celebrate the growth as there was a lot of history between them, most of it not good.

But it seems those days are in the past and both Ari and G Herbo seem to be around people who make them happy and the fans are there for anything.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy for you. You have come a long way in maturity. I love it, ”wrote one roommate.

“The fact that she & Taina can be good. It’s beautiful because they are forever family now, ”commented another.

Yosohn will soon be welcoming a little brother! Taina recently announced that she and Herb have a boy.

We are here for the whole unit and wish Taina a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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