Apple Pockets permits folks to avoid wasting their driver’s license and work


Roommate, if you’re like me and tend to misplace important things like your keys and driver’s license, you’ll love to hear about this Apple update! The good people at Apple are always working to bring us some of the best features on the iPhone that we don’t know we need! With the wallet function, Apple helps many of us save time at the airport when we are going through security checks.

According to reports from Yahoo Finance, iPhone users can say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through their wallets to pull out their driver’s license before entering the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security checkpoints at airports. People with iOS 15 can use their Apple Wallet to store driver’s licenses, just like credit cards.

The digital version of your driver’s license works like a physical driver’s license and is accepted at TSA checkpoints. “The Transportation Security Administration is working to make airport security the first point of contact for customers to use their digital ID in Wallet,” said Apple. To make the user experience even better, Apple and the TSA are also working on another feature that will automatically get the information through a scan on the iPhone. This will help the flyers move quickly through the security checkpoint.

Now you know Apple isn’t just making features available to users without proper testing. The company has been perfecting this technology for at least a year to support ID cards and passports. When the feature goes live later this year, it will only be available to those in participating US states. Apple hasn’t yet said which states are interested.

Chile, Apple is pushing! The wallet is also encrypted. The iOS 15 also keeps track of the people who lose their work badges. The wallet also supports work IDs and some hotel keys at participating venues. Hold! The iPhone will also be able to unlock compatible smart locks. Roommate, are you ready for this?

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