Along with his talking days seemingly over, Kevin McCarthy plunges headlong into the mind-boggling Biden impeachment trial

Spokesman Kevin McCarthy is demanding that the US attorney who indicted Hunter Biden testify before the Senate Judiciary, saying his answers could be used against Biden as part of an impeachment investigation.

McCarthy tweeted:

We need to get to the bottom of the facts, and that includes reconciling these apparent differences. US Attorney David Weiss must give answers to the House Judiciary Committee.

If the whistleblowers’ claims are true, this will be a key part of a larger impeachment investigation into…

— Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) June 25, 2023

Kevin McCarthy tries to save his job. The MAGA portion of the Republican faction in the House of Representatives is calling for Biden’s impeachment. McCarthy can board, avoid, or escape. Speaker McCarthy has decided to go along with it.

Whatever happens, it’s likely that in January 2025, Hakeem Jeffries will be Speaker of the House and Kevin McCarthy will be Minority Leader again, or maybe House Republicans will switch to someone else.

The impeachment process being concocted by the Republican party in the House of Representatives is a mind-boggling enterprise based on Russian disinformation.

It won’t help Trump or get them mainstream attention, and impeachment of Biden will likely backfire.

President Biden is not Donald Trump. The former president basks in crime and bathes in wrongdoing. Republicans are trying to scandalize a man who has been in public life for more than half a century and has never had a shred of corruption around him.

Impeaching Biden is a really bad idea strategically, and if it fails, it will only add to the Republican avalanche of disasters in 2024.

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