Allison Janney says co-star obtained her to place Neosporin on the lips earlier than kissing

Allison JanneyThe lips are as good as they are, thank you very much.

The mom star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, January 22nd, where she revealed that a former co-star she refused to identify had once insulted her by asking her to take an antibiotic before their kissing scene Applying ointment to their lips. And if you think this might be understandable, given that the ongoing pandemic has changed the way Hollywood creates intimate moments, think again.

“Even before COVID, I had a scene partner I had to kiss with, and he was such a germaphobic that he put Neosporin on his lips and asked me to put it on mine too before kissing me.” 61-year-old west wing alum recalled.

host Jimmy Kimmel was genuinely amazed by this revelation. “What!” he answered. “It doesn’t matter.”

Allison stated that she wasn’t sure how to react to the costar, but that it didn’t feel good to receive the request.

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