All the main points about Katharine McPhee’s “fantastic” first week as a mom

Katharine McPhee gives birth to baby # 1!

Katharine McPhee couldn’t be happier than a new mother.

A source close to the 36-year-old actor tells E! Exclusively the news that Katharine is “so excited” to have taken in her first child with her husband David Foster. The music producer’s 71-year-old team confirmed the boy’s arrival on E! News on Wednesday February 24th.

“Katharine, David and the baby are fine,” reveals the insider. “Katharine is so excited that the baby is finally here. She had waited a long time to be a mother and couldn’t be happier that the time has come.”

A second source associated with Katharine tells E! Exclusive news that the Scorpion alum is successfully balancing work with your newly expanded family.

“Katharine is having a wonderful time as a mom and the next thing she will be promoting her new show Country Comfort on Netflix soon,” said the individual.

Katharine was a guest at Dr. Berlin’s podcast on informed pregnancy, in which she recalled that the “greatest challenge” during her last pregnancy was her fear of having a “relapse” with her eating disorder. She had previously started an intensive care program in October 2005 after struggling with bulimia.

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