All of the horrible issues Gray’s anatomy did to Meredith

Meredith Gray has been through a lot to say the least.

Grey’s Anatomy has walked most of its characters through the wringer, but nothing more than its lead general surgeon who is spectacularly played by Ellen Pompeo. She started as a young intern in surgery whose legendary mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and who accidentally slept with her boss. Now she’s a widow with a dead ex-boyfriend who allegedly came out of a week-long coma after a COVID attack -19.

She has technically died once and nearly several more times, and she has lost enough people to put her in a permanent state of grief. But somehow she goes on – provided she actually recovers from her current illness.

In 17 seasons, Grey’s has thrown pretty much anything at Meredith, and we’d say it got ridiculous if it didn’t continue to be so damn convincing. As a tribute to one of the toughest characters on television, here is a list of all the horrific things that happened to Meredith Gray.

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