A Nail Biter’s Evaluation of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

They feel like real nails so you can clip and file them to look as natural as possible. In the end I even shortened the short ones that I bought quite a lot. The result was nails that looked like acrylic paint and came fresh from the nail salon. And all for under $ 10.

While it took me quite a while to select and trim my nail sizes, it doesn’t take any longer than driving to the salon and having them done professionally. Plus, it saves a whole lot of money.

My tip for beginners is to polish the nails a bit beforehand so that the glue will stick longer and to avoid glue sticking to the end of the nail as it will only stick to the skin and feel uncomfortable. The nails feel strange for the first day or so, but then you get used to them enough to enjoy how perfect they look. And best of all, your natural nails have a chance to rest and relax underneath if you are a nail biter like me.

So my judgment? If you have an upcoming (socially distant) date or event, it is best to try the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails to go to the nail salon. Buy the ones I used below!

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