30 Fascinating Info About The Weeknd

Certainly a lot of play: His critically acclaimed CD “About the darkest time of my entire life, around 2013, 2014”, as Variety put it. “I’ve been really, really messed up and gone through a lot of personal things. I was arrested in Vegas.”

Repeating his’ real rock star era ‘wasn’t the easiest, he continued,’ I didn’t mean … but sometimes you try to run away for who you are and you keep coming back to this place. By the end of this album you notice : “I’m not that person.” It was me, but I’m getting bigger and wiser and one day I’ll have children and I’ll tell them they don’t have to be that person. “

How’s that for private? While The Weeknd’s interviews are rare, his candor is plentiful as he talks about the loneliness of his Toronto childhood, the drug-induced haze of his teenagers, and his recipe for success. And in honor of its great achievement, we unearthed 30 little things about the Motherf-Kin-Staroy itself. You know you love it They love it.

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