Yung Child Tate Calls Out Guapdad 4000 On Twitter

yung baby tate guapdad 4000

Nobody likes to be rejected by someone that they want to be in a relationship with. There are several ways to deal with being rejected, but it seems like when you’re rejected on national TV, it has a different type of effect. Yesterday, ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ was trending on Twitter after the show aired. Viewers discussed a clip of new cast member Yung Baby Tate getting curved by the rapper she was interested in. In the clip, Guapdad 4000 explained to Tate that he likes having sex with her and hanging out, but he wasn’t looking for anything else. After viewers of the show commented on the scene, it seems like Tate felt some type of way and used the moment to call out Guapdad over his actions.

While he was celebrating his birthday, Tate shared screenshots of DM’s from the rapper. She addressed him and spoke on negativity, which she claims could’ve been squashed months ago, but Guapdad chose to keep it there. As she continued to let off a few more tweets, Guapdad didn’t respond to Tate, but he responded to a tweet from a viewer of the show. The Scam God tweeted that would be the only opinion that he ever retweets about his appearance on the show. However that didn’t seem to sit well with Tate because she quickly clapped back.

Although Guapdad seemed to be unbothered by the drama, he let out one final tweet about the situation. “I called you to make peace on my bday … I didn’t wanna be cool w you on your time … it took my own process to call you… you can post what you want .. but I’m not gone say what you did … I’m just mentioning it to be petty…I’m ready to be blocked, Sequoia again,” he wrote with the peace sign emoji.

Roommates, are ya’ll watching the current season?

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