Younger thug catches warmth for having extra stadium anthems than Jay Z (video)

If Young Thug is something, he’s confident. He seems to get like this when he talks about hip-hop legends who came before him, and while some fans may admire the Moxy, other hip-hop fans feel downright disrespectful.

His recent comments on Jay Z got a lot of people giving Thugger the whole side eye.

The gist of the comments was that Young Thug feels that unlike himself, Hov doesn’t have at least 30 songs that people know by heart. He made the bold statement on an episode of Gillie Da Kid’s podcast “Million Dollaz Worth of Game”.

Young Thug claimed he had a catalog of songs an entire stadium can rap with, but Jay Z doesn’t make those numbers.

“We don’t talk about stream sales, we don’t talk about anthems, we talk about songs they know,” Thugger said. “When I performed, I got 30, 40 songs that the whole stadium will know. You will know these motherf ** kas. All 30 songs “

He continued, “N *** a, Jay-Z doesn’t have 30 songs like this,” Thugger added before realizing that he might have made a terrible mistake. “I’m just saying I know he does, but he probably got 50 of them. I’m just saying, I’m not saying it literally, I’m just saying who do you think? ”

If you’re like Queen Bey because it feels like Deja Vu, that’s because it is. Like literally a month ago, Young Thug said some problematic things about another legend … Andre 3000.

Young Thug said he didn’t work with Three Stacks because he thinks Dre looks down on this generation of rap and let’s just say Thug wasn’t doing well then either.

What legend will Thug adopt next? Or will he learn from this experience and think before speaking again? We’ll keep you up to date.

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