You Season 4: Obsessive about these behind-the-scenes secrets and techniques

You can not be serious.

Penn Badgley is set to return as serial killer Joe Goldberg when You, Season 4 Part 1, premieres on Netflix on February 9th. But believe it or not, the Gossip Girl alum initially wanted to turn down the series from the start.

“I didn’t want to do it — it was too much,” Badgley told Entertainment Weekly. “I was conflicted with the nature of the role. If this is a love story, what does it say? What was key to my desire to jump on board were my conversations with Gregory Berlanti And will playthe creators, and understanding of Joe’s humanity.”

He continued, “I knew I was going to be conflicted about the role from day one to the last, and so they thought I’d be good for it, I’m not thrilled to play someone of that type.”

But that’s not the only little thing floating around about you out there. For starters, despite being a hit Netflix series now, You didn’t even get started on the streaming service — it actually aired its first season on Lifetime when it debuted in 2018.

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