Why the homicide of Infamous BIG stays a thriller for the ages

Combs has adamantly claimed he had nothing to do with Tupac’s murder. He was at the Vibe Magazine party at the museum the night Biggie was killed and they left at the same time. Combs got into his car, a white Suburban, and Biggie got into the passenger seat of a green Suburban he was driving Gregory “G-Money” Young. Junior MAFIA‘s James “Lil ‘Caesar” Lloyd and Damien “D-Rock” Butler were in the back seat.

“When we drove [from] My car]I heard gunshots, “Combs said in an interview on March 28, 1997, when he spoke for the first time after his friend’s death.” At first I just thought it was someone shooting in the air and only human reaction I immediately ducked … Everyone in my car ducked. Then I heard someone scream, ‘They shot Biggie’s car.’ “He shook his head.

“And then I just jumped out of my car and walked straight to his car and all the doors were open. He was hunched over and I was just there, I talked to him and the security guy who was driving my vehicle, I told him , he should just jump in [Biggie’s] Vehicle and just try to get him to the hospital. And that’s exactly what we did. “

Wallace was pronounced dead at 1:15 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, less than two miles from the museum. At least seven witnesses contributed to the detailed drawing of the shooter by a police sketch artist.

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