Why Riz Ahmed does not reveal his spouse’s title after a secret marriage ceremony

Although he kept certain things out of the public eye, the Emmy winner said he doesn’t see himself as a completely private person.

“I wouldn’t do a podcast with you if you said, ‘Hey, watch these movies. I’m on Twitter,'” he argued. “I think it’s all about having limits.”

Riz also noted that he continues to openly discuss the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on social media. As he described, “I wanted to talk about it and say, ‘Hey, look, this is a real thing. It affected me and my family.'”

In April last year, he announced on Instagram that his uncle had died due to COVID-19. Then in October he wrote a piece for British Vogue, in which he announced that his aunt had also died from the virus.

The actor said he could “not attend their funerals”.

“Trapped in my apartment and grief, I was driven crazy by builders outside,” he wrote of his experience with Quarnatin. “Constructing a new office building in the middle of the apocalypse felt increasingly pointless and excruciatingly loud. Knowing that they would soon be able to quit, they increased their pace from 8 a.m. even on weekends. I was angry but welcomed the distraction the confrontation and the square to the site manager from two meters away. “

“‘That’s not okay. Why are you doing so normally? You deny,'” he recalled, adding, “I could have easily spoken to myself.”

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