Why Guaynaa Is Decided to Join Throughout Latinx Cultures

And the timing couldn’t be better for Guaynaa.

“At this time in my career, I don’t care about money. I don’t care about a priority or perception. I care about culture,” the artist revealed. “How are we going to push forward the culture with what we’re doing, is all about that. How are you going to make the Asians connect with the Latino people? How are you going to make the Puerto Rican connect with the Dominicans or the Mexican connect with the people from Spain? It’s a really interesting thing because at the end of the day, we’re humans.” 

Guaynaa’s passion for interconnectivity and understanding extends to his social media, where he uses Instagram to “talk about human rights,” especially in Latin America. That is just part of the responsibility that Guaynaa feels to represent his culture and ethnicity.

“For me, being Puerto Rican is a big fruit,” he mused. “We’re here because we’ve got a lot of determination. We are here because we are huge fighters, both sides. There’s a lot of story, a lot of situations, a lot of inequality, things that were happening in the past. And it’s still happening right now.”

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