What’s actually happening between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez?

What’s really going on in between? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez?

On Friday March 12th, E! News and several major news outlets confirmed that the two had split up and ended their engagement after four years together. But on Saturday, March 13th, the couple issued a joint statement: “All reports are inaccurate. We are working on some things.”

Hours later, a source close to the couple revealed to E! News on the status of J.Lo and A-Rod’s relationship and two-year engagement. The insider said the two were surprised at how quickly reports of a breakup had spread.

“Alex convinces Jennifer to try things. Jennifer gives herself time to think about her future,” the source told E! News. “They have multiple investments together and their children are incredibly close. The idea of ​​unraveling seems so daunting that she doesn’t want to end the relationship too soon.”

While the two aren’t finishing it for now, the source added that “Alex is fully aware that this relationship is currently on a thread.”

This isn’t the first time J. Lo, 51) and A-Rod, 45, have suffered a severe blow, the insider said, adding that “the relationship has been bumpy for the past six months”. A previous source told E! News on Friday March 12th that the two had “had problems for a while”.

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