What You Want To Know About The New Gossip Lady

Better take care because Gossip Girl will be back before you know it.

HBO Max has officially released a premiere date and a new teaser for the upcoming reboot, which takes place in the same universe as the original series but now takes social media monitoring to a whole new level. In the years since the original Gossip Girl went off the air, things have gotten a lot scary and no one knows better than the new version.

Details about the show are relatively rare, but that’s because there seems to be a big twist that no one is allowed to know about yet. We know quite a bit about the cast, however, and there is a lot to speculate as we prepare to meet a whole new generation of spoiled Upper East Siders and their dramatic social life.

Also, keep in mind that this show will be streamed on HBO Max and not on a broadcast network. Things are getting steamy!

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