Watch Speaker Pelosi destroy the media delusion of the divided Democrats

The corporate media likes to claim that the Democrats are divided, but on Sunday spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thwarted this false claim.


Spokesman Pelosi destroys the myth that Democrats are divided on infrastructure: “Better construction has the support of over 95% of our group for pretty much everything.”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 26, 2021

Transcript by Speaker Pelosi on ABCs this week:

George Stephanopoulos. So I made a pretty daunting list right there. You have described the next few days as a time of intensity for Congress.

Have you ever faced a challenge where so much was at stake?

Speaker Pelosi. Every time we face a challenge, you say it is a historic challenge, be it the passage of the Affordable Care Act or other laws we passed in the previous administration.

It’s all of the wonderful legislative process that we have. But thank you for calling this President Biden’s agenda, because that is what it is. That is the president’s vision. And he said that although he wants to pass the Infrastructure Act – and we will – that he will not limit his vision of the future to just this law, but that it must be about Building Back Better.

And Building Back Better has the support of over 95 percent of our caucus. So when you say the Democrats are divided – no, overwhelmingly, I’ve never seen over 95 percent of a caucus on pretty much anything. Some disagree, and I respect that for the size of the package, and some in the Senate – a few in the Senate too. And we have to find our common ground and respect each other’s views.

But this is not about moderates versus progressives. Overwhelmingly, all of our caucus, with the exception of a few, whose judgment I respect, support Joe Biden’s vision. And we will pass – make progress this week.

Democrats are not divided. Democrats argue over logistics.

Even the moderates who have raised concerns about the bill worry only about the cost. They agree on the legislative priorities. The progressives try to protect their interests and ensure that the moderates do not get cold feet and help them on their way.

The dance that is underway is a difficult negotiation, but nothing to suggest that the Democrats are in danger of failing to pass the law.

The media love the Democrats’ divided narrative and, as always, they are wrong.

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