Watch a love triangle of southern hospitality implode in Sneak Peek

Don’t mess with the ladies at Southern Hospitality.

Republic Lounge staff maddie reese and Mia Alario unleash a firestorm of F-bombs on the VIP host Joe Bradley after finding out he was stalking them both in E! News’ exclusive preview of the season finale of The Bravo Show on January 23rd.

“What a bloody loser!” Mia says in the preview. “What the hell? He just plays everyone who comes his way.”

After making out in a car earlier that day, Mia claims Joe told her, “Mia, I’m worried about you, I want to see you tonight. You are so pretty, you are so beautiful.”

But minutes earlier, Maddi reveals he made a similar confession to her. “Before he gets in the car with you, he sits on the boat and tells me he’s in love with me,” she tells Mia, “and he always has been.”

“Joe Bradley is a psychopath,” says Maddi in a confessional. “Like sitting there with me and fucking crying and five seconds later you’re saying that to Mia? It kind of invalidates everything you just said to me.”

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