Very Cavallaris Shannon Ford on hanging out with Jay Cutler

We are finally getting answers to this mini reunion with Very Cavallari.

Yes, the one with Jay Cutler and Shannon Ford, the former James Freak employee who Kristin Cavallari fired during the E! The show’s second season premiered. As fans may remember, the retired NFL player visited Instagram over Thanksgiving weekend and shared a video of him and Shannon – along with Highlight the “Chuy” blockwho appeared briefly on Very Cavallari and is Shannon’s agent – clinking wine glasses while having lunch together in Charleston, SC

The post has caused quite a bit of drama, of course, and many of Jay’s followers have left comments like “Petty Jay is the best Jay”. However, according to Shannon, who is good friends with Mark, the entire trip was completely harmless.

“I was at home in South Carolina for Thanksgiving and saw Mark was in Charleston,” she revealed on the January 5 episode of Dear Media’s “Not Skinny, Not Fat” podcast. “And I thought shut up … what are the odds? And then I went back to his social media and I thought what bar is he in? And he posted a different story and he was with Jay and I said : ‘Oh no.’ “

Shannon felt at the time that Jay “hated” her. She thought he was upset with her on the show and they had never spoken to each other since she was fired.

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