Vanessa Bryant offers Kobe Bryant’s sister Sharia Washington a brand new Tesla

Roommate, one of the best feelings is knowing that your family has your back no matter what! This also applies to families created through love and marriages. Recently, Vanessa Bryant showed her love and commitment to the family of her late husband, Kobe Bryant. Vanessa surprised her sister-in-law Sharia Washington with a brand new Tesla vehicle.

Both Vanessa and Sharia took a moment to share the news along with photos on their official Instagram accounts. In a photo, the two can be seen hugging while they pose in front of the new vehicle. The Tesla is white in color and adorned with a huge, red bow on the hood.

“Surprise,” wrote Vanessa, marking Sharia’s Instagram page. “We love you !!! Tesla Tunnel, here it comes !! From Vegas to Cali.”

Vanessa’s post also included a 39-second clip showing the two ladies interacting with each other and with the car. At the beginning of the video, Sharia and Vanessa can be seen walking towards the driver’s side of the Tesla. Sharia seems overwhelmed with emotion and barely able to complete its sentences.

“I can’t,” Sharia can be heard saying in the video. “I’m done. I can’t take it.”

Sharia wiped away tears in mid-sentence. Then you see the two women talking face to face. Sharia covered her mouth with her hands in what seemed like a shock while Vanessa wiped away the tears. Vanessa then opened the driver’s door to encourage Sharia to get into her new Tessie!

“Oh my god, I have to do the whole tutorial,” Sharia said while she was still visibly emotional in the driver’s seat.

Sharia also went to her Instagram to thank her sister-in-law.

“OH MY GOD! So that’s what happened today,” wrote Sharia in her caption. “Thank you V! I’m still speechless! This is absolutely incredible, I love you !!”

As you may already know, Tesla vehicles can cost anywhere from $ 40,000 to $ 150,000, according to Business Insider.

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