(Unique) Former Ohio State soccer participant Amir Riep, discovered not responsible of raping white lady, talks about proving his innocence and nonetheless working for the NFL

In 2020, officials charged former Ohio State University football standout Amir Riep and teammate Jahsen Wint with two counts of rape and one kidnapping after a 19-year-old woman told authorities the athletes had raped her.

The head coach was accused of rape by a white woman and kicked the two NFL hopefuls off the team a day after encountering the unidentified woman. The two were later found not guilty in February 2023.

After waiting three years to prove their innocence, the former roommates put their lives back together. Amir Riep, now 24, exclusively shared with The Shade Room how he plans to move on and how his father’s support before his death made a difference.

How did Riep meet the unknown woman?

Riep and the young lady met the unidentified woman on Snapchat and decided to meet at the apartment he shared with Wint, where things would eventually get sexual.

Prosecutors say she expected to hang out with Riep at the off-campus apartment but was allegedly forced to continue having sex with the Cincinnati native after initially agreeing and going along with Wint, which authorities failed to convince authorities to do jury to believe.

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After being driven home by Riep, the alleged sexual assault victim went to authorities to report a rape, something which defense attorneys were adamant did not happen.

Riep realizes he could potentially go to jail

A week after the incident, the players were called in and dismissed from the team.

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I knew things were getting serious when she [player personnel] told us we had to call our parents and turn ourselves in.

Riep about not wanting a plea deal

That was never a question. I told my lawyer don’t give me a deal. I don’t sign anything. We’ll see this through to trial.

Riep continued to speak and revealed his belief. He said this is “an area where I had to grow”.

Without that it would have cost me a lot more. Be patient, trust the process and believe that it will [God] will find a way and his way is better than anything we can imagine.

Support from family and friends

Riep served three days in jail before being released on bail, saying his most prominent supporters are and the only support is his now-deceased father and family.

My biggest supporter was my father. I had to tell him first. He supported me all the way and my family supported me. If anything, we’ve moved closer together to tackle this together.

Does Riep feel race played a role?

According to Ohio State University’s website, there are nearly 62,000 students on campus, fewer than 5,000 of whom are black.

As for whether he thought race mattered, Riep said:

Unfortunately. But anyway, people are trying to give that image and that title to a football player who goes to Ohio State. They think we think we can do anything and get away with it. If it weren’t for us two Ohio State football players on our way to doing great things, it wouldn’t have gotten as much attention or [as] as far as ours.

Preparing for the NFL & What’s Next

The NFL hopeful is putting the past behind him and keeping an eye on the prize.

“That’s the main goal,” he says, referring to the NFL. He explains that he is an athlete who wants to continue his education and sports career in another school and has entered the exchange portal for a change of school.

i was in [transfer portal]and the coaches waited for that situation to be resolved. [I’ve] was on hold the whole time, couldn’t do anything, sign up somewhere or something. The only thing I could do [was] stay ready for this time. He also stated

We are currently in contact with several schools. Come back on board, graduate, continue your football career collegially and end up in the NFL. Riep continued, I will enroll somewhere in the summer. We have summer training and all, so I’ll be at school by then.

People’s perceptions since they were charged and found not guilty

I had to prove my innocence. I was head held high because I already knew the truth. So I don’t let these things get to me, especially when I know the truth.

Friendship with Jahsen Wint

Despite not being able to speak to Wint for three years, Riep says they now speak and laugh daily and enjoy reclaiming those moments of friendship.

Former Ohio State soccer players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint have been found not guilty of the rape and kidnapping allegations against them.

Both were stripped of their potential NFL careers. pic.twitter.com/GjuMFJ1MEo

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Describe this period of his life in one word

roller coaster. That incline at the beginning, just before you reach that peak, you think you’re about to get everything you wanted, the coaster goes down, left, right, and it goes in all directions.

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