Tyra Banks says she channels Saweetie along with her laid child hair

Tyra Banks always gives a refreshing energy to her random moments! That’s definitely the case in one of her latest videos where she discusses her glamor. She shared with fans that the influence behind her laid and killed edges is rapper Saweetie.

As you may have already seen, Saweetie is a star who jumps out with the edges and gets scooped every time. And for those of us who actually comb our edges, we know that having the perfect baby hair look is not an easy task.

Even so, Tyra didn’t back down from the challenge of fixing that baby hair. The supermodel, host and entrepreneur shared with fans that she had asked her glam team to bandage them with baby hair that was similar to the hair of the “My Type” singer.

“Saweetie darling,” says Tyra in the selfie video. “And honey, I’m channeling your baby hair. I said give me Saweetie baby hair, honey. “

The laid edges serve as the icing on the cake for the jumbo cornrows. Tyra also braided a metallic silver cord in her hair. In terms of outfits, the supermodel seemed ready to share hers. The dress resembles a broken mirror with scattered glasses that shape and shape the hair.

After Tyra pointed out her baby hair, she continued talking about which earrings go with the outfit. At the time, she had conflicted between two styles: hoop earrings and drop earrings.

Before she completely ended the conversation about earrings, she also pointed out static noises from her ear device. Tyra even let us hear feedback from the communication device.

“You hear all this noise,” said Tyra. “Just like when you go to the doctor and say it hurts and then to the doctor and it doesn’t hurt. It just doesn’t do it for you. That’s the feedback I sometimes hear in my ear on live TV. “

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