Twitter person slams “Hood Rat” Atlanta in favor of “Elegant” DC

After a Twitter user expressed an unpopular opinion on Atlanta vs. Washington, DC comparisons, others came forward to set the record straight!

A tweeter laid Atlanta down while putting DC on a pedestal

On Wednesday, a user took the opportunity to stop by and share her thoughts on people comparing ATL to our country’s capital.

She specifically voiced her grievances to people who had the audacity to compare “fine DC to Hood Rat, strip club, nasty Atlanta food.”

The person didn’t stop there, however, as she also addressed issues such as labor markets, the importance of black wealth, and healthcare.

“You’ve really sat here and compared posh DC to your really sat here and compared posh DC to Hood Rat, the strip club, and bad food in Atlanta. The job markets are varied, 2 of the wealthiest black counties are in the DC area and one of the best hospitals in the world is in the area. You can’t be serious…”

Y ‘ all really sat here and compared posh DC to the clothes rat, the strip club, and the gross food in Atlanta. The job markets are varied, 2 of the wealthiest black counties are in the DC area and one of the best hospitals in the world is in the area. You can’t be serious…

— LaTasha (@downtown7thave) February 8, 2023

The Twitter crowds respond by calling the original poster “anti-black.”

As you can imagine, this user’s hot attitude didn’t go down too well on Twitter.

People immediately began scrutinizing the original poster, accusing it of harboring negative feelings toward black cities and blaming it for “creation [an] unnecessary division.”

hoodrat atlanta??? Class DC??? They are angry with black cities being gentrified before our eyes. Fuck off

— big harriet w da yoppa (@iridescentfyre) February 9, 2023

y’all hate southern black towns with your chest, huh? What’s the point of comparing black cities??? They all just love creating unnecessary divide

— 𝕧𝕚𝕔 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪/𝕙𝕖🍓Toh Spoiler🐍 (@tea_addivt) February 9, 2023

Y’all are so anti-Black when you compare DC & ATL like

— J.Bre 🦂 (@BriBreIsHerName) February 9, 2023

The fact that this conversation arose during Black History Month hasn’t escaped users either. In fact, one person called the post a “horrible attitude” that was “elitist during BHM.”

Ahh Ahh!

Not too much on Atlanta! This is a terrible attitude, especially when the non-opinionated facts don’t take into account that Atlanta is in Georgia and – systemic racism lmao

Both have black wealth and community (including hoods). At BHM, things are elitist.

— LINDSEY 👩🏿‍💻 🕯 | UX/UI Designer (@LindseyCreated) February 9, 2023

During Black History Month, Latasha?

— in charge of the girls (@AmeriKraut) February 9, 2023

It’s Black History Month…

— WTF did Harry Styles mean? (@CoriAgain2) February 9, 2023

A few people noted that this attitude is exactly what they’d expect from someone from DC, and one user went as far as saying that “Jack and Jill of America jumped out at her.”

This tweet goes very well with how I’ve heard the stereotypical DC persona is.

— ……. (@PrinceHAK33M) February 9, 2023

Heck, Jack and Jill of America jumped out.

— Samoa Joesph (@ThecaJones) February 9, 2023

On the other hand, people also gave their proclamation that DC was “noble” a serious side eye.

DC is classy?!

— Tito’s n Soda. (@ViSneakerBoy) February 9th

Noble DC?

— 🇳🇬NaijaGal🇳🇬 (@Naija4LifeO) February 9, 2023

All in all, people were genuinely determined to take action against the original poster’s commentary on DC and ATL, and they proceeded to highlight all that Atlanta had to offer.

The strip clubs are first class and legendary, world famous eg. magical city
The food here is phenomenal. . I never hear anything remarkable about DC food
we have the CDC baby
and our housewives…

— Terri Joe Updates (@waterslide) February 9, 2023

Hoodrat Atlanta has given us the absolute best of black culture, so watch your mouth.

— Sergeant Gutta (@gangstalishush) February 9, 2023

What do you think of the entire conversation, roommate? Also, do you personally feel that Washington, DC and Atlanta are comparable cities, or are they each in their own category?

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