#TSRUpdatez: Dr. Dre agrees to pay estranged spouse, Nicole Younger, short-term spousal allowance of $ 2 million

Dr.  Dre agrees to temporarily pay $ 2 million in spousal benefits to his estranged wife, Nicole Young, just days after a reported brain aneurysm.

Just days after being hospitalized for a possible brain aneurysm, it is reported that Dr. Dre has agreed to temporarily pay $ 2 million in spousal benefits to his estranged wife, Nicole Young.

He’s struck a deal requiring him to write her a one-time check for the $ 2 billion, and that’s all he’ll pay, at least until her next divorce hearing in April, according to TMZ

Believe it or not, Nicole was actually asking for $ 2 million a month plus another $ 5 million in legal fees. But apparently Dre didn’t want her to get all of this, and the catch is she has to use the money he gives her to pay her lawyers, according to TMZ.

Sources reported that Dre news site will continue to cover Nicole’s living expenses on her Malibu block as well as her mother’s Pacific Palisades for the next several months. However, Dre will NOT cover Nicole’s security costs as she will have to pay them out of the $ 2 million. De and Nicole’s lawyers were able to reach that settlement in court, but to add insult to injury, Dre had to sign the consent from his hospital bed at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. To put things in perspective, he’s already spent nearly $ 300,000 per month on temporary assistance.

Overall, it’s just been a tough week for Dre. Between this nasty divorce battle and his hospitalization, he will likely be able to recover peacefully if he has a temporary solution for now.

Dre was rushed to the hospital by ambulance earlier this week and taken straight to the intensive care unit. Fans and loved ones flooded social media with support for Dre, who later thanked him for the love and said he was fine.

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